Body Lix: The Art of Flogging is an expression of your connection through a medium known as a flogger. The flogger is an adventurous toy of physicality and energy connection and intimacy. Learn to wield and master your flogger.


Learn skills, techniques and tips to wield this extension of yourself with the intention of sensual touch or a wicked wallop or a diverse range of a passionate dance of rhythm and pace. If you have floggers, please bring them. There will be some on hand to practice.


Testimonials from past attendees ...

  •  I learned a lot more than expected; how to incorporate the four elements into our sex journey is exciting. The “kinky” mantra or philosophy is one I will continue to use and live my life by.
  • I loved the variety! A great mix of kink, safety, intimacy, massage, and connecting nature’s rhythms.
  • I liked everything. More understanding and a great baseline to really experience more and newer communication. These techniques really help to heighten the pleasure.
  •  I learned how to expand what I can offer to partners, with empathy and recognition of their present self (emotions, physical self, mental self, etc.)
  • I liked using a variety of movements to explore different sensations with my partner, and the categorical breakdown of all the possibilities, though there were many. I learned that there are far more things to consider than I’d thought (like direction of touch as well as type, that there’s a strong psychological/memory component).
  • Tons of useful info. Accessible – easy to absorb. Viktoria was very personable and a great speaker/presenter. Also, I learned combine different elements of play, lots of tools and ideas.
  • The interactive and informative aspect worked well together. How to better communicate and experience play in this realm.
  • Information was presented in an inclusive way. I learned technique and insight on materials.
  • How to better communicate with my partner and new techniques for body lix, great name.


Lady Viktoria's Adventurous Workshops - who are they for?

Open to seekers of knowledge and empowerment, solo (individuals), pairs (couples), friends, all orientations, all genders, diverse lifestyles, those of you who are label free and those of you who have yet to make up your minds.


Welcome and be Celebrated!


Who is Lady Viktoria?

Helping you get the life, love and Intimacy you disire through eduation and self-empowerment. Lady Viktoria is also the founder of the and the, your go-to intimacy guide.


Adventurous play to me, is an embodied state of arousal weaved through the mind of creativity and with precise intention. An emotional connection in tandem. Adventurous, kinky, BDSM play is one of the fastest ways to drop into your body to experience intellectual excitement, vulnerable feelings, energetic rhythms, and an experience of heightened senses through the use of your body and or mind as the vehicle. This is just another pathway of meditation. I refer to this as Sacred Kink or Dark Tantra. Allowing you to notice what is revealed about you. Adventurous play is spectacular for one's evolution of being.


For 10 + years she helps men, women and couples in the vanilla(general public) and kink community. Her approach is that of holistic avant garde creativity with a great balance of science and woo woo. In addition, she is a practitioner and instructor of adventurous (kink/BDSM) learning , Chi Kung massage, Hatha/Laya yoga, transformational counselling and Tibetan, Classical and Neo Tantra. 

Lady Viktoria's science and woo woo approach of holistic well-being is for the knowledge and wisdom seeking, open minded adult. She resonates integrity, mindful awareness, and presence. Her professional, yet open manner inspires confidence, curiosity and wonder. 

One of Lady Viktoria’s great joys in life is helping others reclaim their power, playfulness and natural intimacy. Helping you get the life, love and intimacy you desire on your terms.

She is known as a passionate provocateur, catalyst and confidante. A swirling energy of calm awareness and brash dominant sensuality with a penchant for tribal, leather and corsets. 

She presents and speaks at community organizations, colleges, universities and conferences within Canada, the US and Europe. She imparts knowledge and wisdom on releasing limiting beliefs, new patterns of heart centred connection, compassionate communication, conscious sensuality, sacred sexuality, and anatomy of arousal. Skills and techniques on solo or partner pleasure. Grounding, nurturing and healing touch and a variety of adventurous learning and play. 

Lady Viktoria is available for speaking engagements, presentations, consultations and one-on-one, two-on-one coaching sessions and mentoring. 

Look forward to seeing you, she says, with a twinkle in her eyes.

Wondrous delights abound,
Lady Viktoria

Body Lix: Art of Flogging

Afternoon OR Evening
  • Peterborough Bondage Expo

    • Saturday, July 7th, check schedule for times

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