“The Sacred Space we Relate within. There is where we will meet.” – Anonymous The sacred space between us is the place where we can meet without all the filters of past imprinting, limiting beliefs, conditioning, disconnection, narratives and emotionally charged negative experiences. 


The intention of the workshop is to understand the power of language, to learn how to notice the sensate and visual ques within your body, reveal the different ways in which we process and express, the practice of re-framing yourself.  Explore what conscious and mindfully heartfelt awareness and presence looks like, sounds like and feels like. The workshop guides you through practices of your new compassionate communication tools for better connection and quality in all areas of your life.


The workshop is based on the Nonviolent Communication(NVC) created by Marshall Rosenberg and from there it has been branched out to be known by many as Compassionate Communication.

Compassionate Communication

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    • Date: Friday, October 20

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