The consultation invites a positively supportive and liberating candid conversational exchange or in the corporate language; a consultation for the movie/theatre industry, research for a book or project, or for a documentary, etc., with the added comfort of privacy, discretion and confidentiality


This rendezvous gives you the freedom to:

  • Command the construction of your safe conditions to explore

  • Enlighten yourself with a conscious language upgrade

  • Cultivate the art of negotiating by creative collaborative design

  • Learn how your desires play out in different configurations

  • Dialogue on your conceptions of adventurous play

  • Breathe life and light into your self-empowerment

  • Exchange upon your desired future experiences

  • Mind meld with a proficient super-sensualist

  • Share your past, present and future erotic expression

  • Gain discernment and comfortable levels with self

  • Explore and embrace the unconditional receiving role

  • Explore and embrace the unconditional giving role

  • Dive deep into the protocol of the power exchange

  • Tune into the vast diversity of community  and resources

  • Be open to wondrous magical mayhem and curious body delights

  • Request creative adventurous realm collaboration for theatre/movie industry

Consult with an EXPERT - 2 hour session


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