What will you learn?



  • Learn to craft your adventurous play
  • Play out power dynamic roles 
  • Tap into the possibilities of your creativity
  • Learn adventurou play activities



  • Deepen your conscious presence
  • Expand your mindful awareness
  • Master energetic movement of touch



  • Learn to express your desires and fantasies
  • Engage in collaborative communication
  • Set clear intentions with an open heart
  • Relay your play preferences and style 


Care / Compassion

  • Learn the delicate aspects of self-care
  • Learn the delicate aspects to care for another
  • Clearly know how to define your boundaries


Level 2 Play Topics & Activities

  • Power Dynamics (D/s)
  • Body Lix: Art of Flogging
  • Predicament Bondage
  • Sensual Rope Play


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Adventurous Loving: Level 2

Private Program
  • 4hr Program Duration Choices:

    • 4 x 1 hours OR
    • 2 x 2 hours OR
    • 4 hour immersive 


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