Exceptional Massage Skills for ... submissives/lovers/partners/friends/massage enthusiasts


Somatic (Body) Massage Training Intensive (4hrs)
Exclusive Small Group Training (limited to 4 people)


Learn new and upgrade your current somatic (body) worship hands-on skills, techniques and knowledge from an exceptionally experienced 15+ years, fem dom of the kinky court, Lady Viktoria. Teacher and practitioner of Holistic Chi Kung and Tantra massage.


When and Where?

1:00pm to 5:00pm (4hrs)

TORONTO: to be announced
@ the Academy of Adventurous Learning (Toronto NW Studio).


  • What a great way to thank your dominant. 
  • What an awesome skill to have. 
  • A skill that will last a lifetime.
  • The gift that you can keep on giving.

Who is this for?

This weekend intensive is for submissives/lovers/partners/friends/massage enthusiasts (male or female) wanting to and looking to become exceptional in giving body worship to their dominant/lover/friend/just give (male or female).


What will I learn?

  • Clarity on Protocol, Service, Ritual, Worship & Intention
  • Skills of Sensual Body Worship massage for Woman/Man’s Body***
    ***BODY MODEL: You are to supply a body model (male or female) for the hands-on skills training.


Massage Table
Organic Oil: Grapeseed

What to bring?
2 flat sheets (twin size)
3 large Towels
2 medium Towels
1 small towel 
flip flops for oily feet


Your Investment in a skill that will last a lifetime:
$450 pp(that includes your body model). 

Limited to 4 participants for small group OR
$1100 for one-on-one training


I will also be available for a limited amount of private coaching and Holistic Chi Kung massage sessions. Please contact me directly: ladyviktoria@ymail.com


Wondrous body delightsViktoria /Lady Viktoria

Intimacy Coach a.k.a.

Adventurous Empowerment Coach and

Sacred Loving Tantra Teacher.


To learn more about me surf to my websites:http://www.holisticchikungmassage.com





Exceptional Massage Skills for ...

Workshop Date(s)
  • from 1:00pm to 5:00pm


    • Please inquire for private program


    • Please inquire for private program

    Exclusive small group training is also available, please inquire. 
    Limited to 4 participants for small group training!


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