Fearless Feminine Women's Body Healing Wisdom Tantra IMMERSIVE Day for women in Calgary, Alberta, with Viktoria, your self-empowerment and intimacy coach, catalyst and confidante (www.playfulloving.com).

SATURDAY, May 04 from 1:00pm-6:00pm
Calgary East, Alberta

Does this sound familiar to you?

✨ Body blocks that show up in your intimacy as shut-down, freeze, disconnection by zoning out and getting up and leaving with no explanation because of bad past experiences.
✨Body blocks that show up as being overly sexual to get it over with, to overly please a partner for fear of abandonment and acceptance and possibly to not feel any emotions because it hurts to feel. So doing the act is easier.
✨ Body blocks that show up as physical numbness, pain and discomfort in your sexual intimacy and you do not know why.

Your are not alone. I too had the above appear in my intimacy with myself and with partners. The great news is this changed. I sought out the opportunity to shift my past negative experiences through ancient practices of body healing. The ancient practices are derived from Chinese, Hindu and Tibetan Tantra with a helping hand of science.

Join an exclusive group of women for a profound empowerment Women's BODY Wisdom & Healing learning and practices. Limited to 8 women **

Here are some of the empowering Fearless Feminine PRACTICES you will learn for yourself and as a group:
✨Body Massage Techniques from sensual to explicit
✨Yoni Love:*** Internal Mapping and Healing techniques
✨Self-Compassionate Communication
✨Vaginal Kung Fu a.k.a. Yoni Yoga
✨Sexual Reflexology Points of Healing
✨Closing celebration with a Pink Puja ritual

PLEASE NOTE: I will have a handful of jade eggs($60) and crystal wands($60) with me for sale. Otherwise, if you have your own please bring them.

MORE on the content of ***Yoni Love ...”love the skin your in!”
We are deep diving into your physical form to touch and release the numbness and pain and return sensations.
Portrait of Vulva (optional)
Yoni Massage skills
Energy Activation and Movement
Yoni Massage skills
Soft Tissue Mapping
Portrait of a Vagina (optional)
Energy Activation and Movement
Healing Techniques

yoga mat(s)
hand mirror
bring your choice of gloves (nitrile)
grapeseed organic oil
small vessel to place the oil in
flip flops as your feet will be oily
1 large towel for your yoga mat
4 medium sized towels
2 small hand towels
blanket for warmth
if you have, bring your jade egg and string
closed water bottle
snacks to hold you over to dinner
notebook and pen
an open mind, heart and body

Fearless Feminine Women's BODY HEALING Wisdom IMMERSIVE
1:00pm to 6:00pm (5hrs)
$250pp(tax incl)
Registration Deadline: April 30th
Limited to 8 women.
a great alternative to tailored private 1:1 coaching ($600)

REGISTER: Fearless Feminine Women's Body Wisdom Empowerment Immersive Day

✨Inviting fearless feminine beings.
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Fearless Feminine Empowerment Day Immersive


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