Adventurous Self-Empowerment Experiential Coaching may include a mix of academic science, philosophical ancient Daoist, Eastern Indian and Tibetan and alternative somatic bodywork: creating safe space, sharing dialogue, theory, language, diving into roles of giving or receiving ; submissive and or dominant roles, etiquette, ritual, service, protocol, worship, personal self-care approach, anatomy, psycho-biological approach, experiential practice exercises, self-empowerment practices, sensual and or creative life force awakening exercises, healing from within practices, homework, readings, and optional receiving hands-on yourself or guided to “give” body work to your partner. Or an adventurous guided journey.

  • Cultivating SELF-EMPOWERMENT

  • Creating CONSCIOUS Creative Life Force AWAKENING

  • Nurturing HEALING from within

  • Feeling SMART and SEXY from the inside out

  • Reclaiming your POWER and PLAYFULNESS

  • Creating a more HEALTHY Playful Loving YOU

  • Playing with your CREATIVE Adventurous side

  • Embracing your EROTIC Empowerment




Each person is more than the sum of one part, hence, my coaching style addresses all your parts; the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the energy within. To achieve an intuitive knowing sense of your inner wisdom, mindful awareness and over all well-being. You will become more tuned into your essence through adventurous, conscious connection and transformational evolution of YOU.


Hand in hand with the above, you will learn communication, technical, emotional and logistical skills to navigate with ease your terms of engagement. The depth and breath of your comfort levels, limits, boundaries, your evolution while having FUN!

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Coaching for
  • This adventurous empowering coaching (experiential learning and guiding) is done through lecture, dialogue, demonstrations, Q & A, hands-on practice exercises, mindful awareness observations, sharing and more practice and home-play work.


    You can choose to receive your session or package of sessions in-person, by telephone or video chat.


    Your coaching journey is experienced with respect, honour and trust, with yourself first, that resonates within the adventurous play philosophy of mindfully aware and always within your boundaries of safety, consent and comfort levels, while having FUN!

  • Your goal is to enhance and reveal the pleasure possibilities of adventurous empowering wisdom with choices in this learning and or healing journey.


    The first approach is offered for people who are happier learning to express their creative inspirational desires, needs and pleasures within an individual private coaching session(s). In turn, they share their acquired gifts of knowledge and experience and may wish to surprise their current/future respective partner(s) at a later date.


    The second approach to the adventurous creative coaching is for those keen to learn with their partner(s) in a couple/pair private coaching session(s).


    The third approach is for people who are comfortable in sharing in small groups with group coaching session(s).

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