Kinkalicious is Toronto's NEW west end super sensualist private play party.


Your're invited to a sumptuous space where you can be social, watch, learn and play. ​Kinkalicious is a super sensual social gathering. Celebrating all those that are kinky and adventurous. The curious and beings looking to become adventurous. Welcome, Dominants, submissives, and switches. A place of discovery, exploration and expression. A time and space to connect with like minded people.


Open to solo beings of feminine or masculine form or principles, couples, small group of friends, all orientations, diverse gender identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. Celebrate viva la difference! in all of us.


DECORUM: Kinkalicious Decorum begins with the hosts philosophy: Mindfully aware and always within your boundaries of safety, consent and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust being built with yourself first and then with others.​


It is the intention of Lady Viktoria, your host, to provide an environment for the practice of safe and enjoyable adventurous play and respectful socializing. Each guest must take responsibility for his/her own behaviours and practices to ensure safety for him/herself as well as that of everyone (guests/volunteers/host) at the event space. PLAY Monitors (Dungeon Monitors) will be present to ensure the rules and guidelines of the event are cordially respected by everyone. Please take the time to review the rules and guidelines


PLAY STATIONS: St. Andrews Cross, Horse, Spanking Bench, Massage Table, Suspension Point, Puzzle Mat area for rope work, living room space to socialize and indulge in foot worship and conversation.


DRESS CODE is OBSERVED: Very much like a Halloween Party. Choose from the most awe inspiring dress code list. Just let your inner desires and fantasy roles unfold to reality. Surf to the link below for an incredibly diverse dress code with its detailed examples of scrumptiously hot and sexy ideas.


DISCRETION & PRIVACY: Is very important to everyone in attendance and your host. Please be covered when travelling into the neighbourhood or pack your outfit and change upon arrival. Welcome and be celebrated!​​Kinkalicious celebrates all those that are kinky or adventurous and those who want to be kinky or adventurous. A place of  exploration and expression.To connect with like minded people.  Open to solo beings of feminine or masculine form, couples, small group of friends, all orientations, genders identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. Welcome and be Celebrated!



A reminder that its important to keep the vibrant energy and wonderful flow.  Hence, your RSVP request requires you to copy and paste the questions below with your respective answers into an email to


RSVP Questions/Requests:

1. Full name(s) and preferred name to be addressed
2. Where you heard about the event and or reference

3. What excites or intrigues you about the event?
4. That you have taken the time to read the rules/guidelines
5. You understand that we observe a dress code
After you have completed answering the above questions and payment option has been chosen and initiated, the location of our Kinkalicious lair will be revealed to you.


Play Monitors (Dungeon Monitors) entrance fee will be $10 for an hour shift. If you are interested in this supportive volunteer position and or are already trained as a PM/DM please contact and state your experience and intention.


EMAIL Deadline: the day before the event. We will be busy preparing the space the day of the event, hence, will not be looking at a computer. 


TELEPHONE Deadline: Last minute, day of inquires will be by telephone up until 2hrs prior to the event (416-887-5621) and will be based on availability of space.


Become an Adventurous Self-Empowered Loving Being!



  • Sundays from 5:00pm - 10:00pm

    • December 30


    PLEASE NOTE: There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on socials/events are FINAL.

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