You are invited to attend this experiential workshop (at your pace and at your comfort level) to find out how Love & Fire relate to Tantra & the 50 Shades of Gray meet. How you ask? Journey through guided exercises and practices to discover and explore your variation of what is known as the power dymanics of feminine and masculine polarity. Dance with direct, indirect and energy contact play. What expression of intimacy are you? Primal, Sensual, Energy or Blend.Find out if you are more of a director or actor in your erotic theatre scene. Learn to play with the a variety of tickle trunk items that magically create an adventurous super sensual play time. 


Who are these Adventurous workshop for?

Open to seekers of knowledge and empowerment, solo (individuals), pairs (couples), friends, all orientations, all genders, diverse lifestyles, those of you who are label free and those of you who have yet to make up your minds.


Welcome and be Celebrated!

$40 per person


PLEASE NOTE: There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on workshops are FINAL.

Love & Fire for Couples

Workshop Date(s)
  • May 30 from 7:30pm - 9:00pm 

    $40 per person


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