Love + Fire RETREAT for Couples

Love and Fire Couples RETREAT is an exclusive retreat for couples who want to 
Deepen their Love and Connection with passion and playfulness! 

Does this sound familiar?


  • Are you feeling disconnected from your partner.
  • Have you lost your playfulness with each other.
  • Does it seem like you have fallen into a routine.
  • Are you living separate lives under the same roof.


These are some of the challenges and concerns all couples have. You can bring back the passion, playfulness and connection. You need to set aside time with each other in a different environment. Going on holiday is not going to cut it on its own. You will need guidance and support to teach you new ways of loving connection. Limited to 8 couples.



$800/couple Love + Fire COUPLES Retreat program with Viktoria that includes 1hr of 1:1 coaching as your Early Bird bonus when you register before January 20. 


SEPARATELY are your Accommodations

at the Crosswaters Resort, Kananaskis 




Love + Fire RETREAT for Couples

  • February 28-29-01, 2020


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