Take the Tantric journey or the weekend immersive of self discovery through the non-sexual and sexual Classical Tantra, Neo(21st century) Tantra, Taoist Tantra, Native Indian Tantra and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra and a good balance of science. principles of life; love, joy, acceptance, curiosity, presence, relaxation, focus with mindful awareness. Acquire the transformational toolkit to cultivate the empowered, passionate and playful YOU with your partner!


This all encompassing holistic sacred journey will be travelled with respect, honour, support, and compassion as we unleash the greatness (Goddess and God) within.  Experiencing your journey through theory and clothes-on experiential practices, home work techniques, reading and journaling. Anatomical techniques will be demonstrated upon silicone model. Creating lasting change through a series of embodied (mind, heart, body, energy and spirit) practices.


Your Sacred Loving program results in your ability to be vulnerable as a compassionate present partner. Vitality within your physical being. Confidence in your intimate connection. Profoundly transforming your intimacy as erotic allies. Cultivation of wonder, curiosity, acceptance, relaxation, mindful awareness, healing, love, laughter and joy, TOGETHER!


Learn the Ancient Arts of

  • Practice of Presence and Mindful Awareness
  • Skills of Language and Communication
  • Releasing Sexual Shame, Fear and Trauma
  • Holding Sacred Space for Yourself/Partner
  • Supercharge your Body to be a Kick Ass Lover
  • Deeper Connection with Clarity of Intention
  • The Magic of the Adoration Ritual
  • Body Love Acceptance and Celebration
  • Feminine & Masculine Polarity Play
  • Sensual & Sexual Awareness, Techniques & Skills
  • Sacred Loving Energetic Movements of Touch
  • Sexual Reflexology & De-Armouring Massage
  • Separating Orgasm and Ejaculation
  • Integrating Conscious Connection with self and partner


Please Note: The above is subject to the program you choose.

Tantra for COUPLES: Presence, Passion & Playfulness

Session type
    • (*scheduling time of your chosen program will be mutually agreed upon)


    In-Person/Telephone/Online Video - 12hrs +

    • 6 ~ 1.5 hour Sessions
    • bonus 30min follow up session in-person/telephone/Skype
    • support emails during the program
    • course material handouts


    BONUS ($400+ Value)

    • women’s anatomy of arousal book
    • ultimate guide to prostate pleasure book
    • medium jade egg
    • rose quartz ben wa balls
    • practice aid: lucite crystal wand
    • practice aid: fun factory toy
    • silicone + water base lube

    BONUS: access to private Facebook (secret) group Tantra Tribe Toronto


    Investment - Package #1

    $2000 for Pair/Couple


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