Tantra for Lovers: Connection, Pleasure & Joy
An immersive Tantra journey.


A clothes-on experiential learning playshop for Lovers (couple/pair, partners or two friends all genders, orientations and sexes welcome).


Who is this for?
Celebrating two’s; pair of close friends, partners, a couple and lovers!


How is this traveled?
You will be guided to cultivate and embody the Tantric principles through practices of grounding, nurturing, healing, sensual, non-sexual and sexual practices:

  • intention setting
  • breath work
  • eye gazing
  • meditation
  • touch techniques
  • unconditional receiving
  • unconditional giving
  • conscious language
  • conscious communication
  • movement
  • energy awareness
  • adoration ritual


Please Note: 

  • This is a CLOTHES-ON learning experience.
  • The workshop MAY have the following elements, just in case you are allergic or sensitive, please let us know. Elements; chocolate, raspberries, incense stick; palo santo (Peru holy wood), cilantro, mint, rosemary, lime, rose, essential oils for anointing (you may want to bring your own) and at times cheesy music for fun.
  • All our workshops/events are Fragrance Free Zones as we are in a group space to warmly welcome those with  physical sensitivities. This means no colognes or perfumes please. Essential Oils dabs are fine. ~ Thank you for supporting our community of beautiful shiny beings.


What to bring?
Please bring a yoga mat, pillow and/or blanket, closed water bottle, snacks and wear what is comfortable for you and is an expression of your sensual sexy self.


Your Investment for 2.5hr playshop: $150 for two

Tantra for Lovers

Workshop Date(s)

    • Saturday, February 17 from 7:30pm - 10:00pm

         Private NW Toronto Studio, Renforth Drive and Rathburn Road


    Your Investment for 2.5hr playshop is $150 for two


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