What you will learn:

Awaken & Activate Tantra for Women GFOCUS

  • elemental fire meditation
  • compassionate communication
  • open your heart centre
  • expand & extend physical joy
  • yoni yoga for strength & suppleness
  • self-healing body and heart
  • tantra body groove movements
  • 5 week group program (2hrs/week)
  • 5 Saturdays from 1:30pm - 3:30pm



Tantra Practices of the ...


  • Learn Fire Element Meditation
  • Practice Pranayama Meditation


  • Practice Tantra Yoga
  • Flex and Flow within your Pelvic Core 
  • Control Movements of Muscles and Energy


  • Obtain Tools and Rituals of Intimacy and Connection

  • Consciously Engage in Self-Inquiry and Self-Reflection

  • Practice Compassionate Communication

  • Become Consciously Aware of Boundaries and Desires

  • Know the Physical, Emotional and Energetic Cycles


  • Cultivating Feel-Good Chemicals of the Body
  • Lasting Longer to Heal and Deepen Intimacy
  • Enhance your Pleasure Potential Exponentially
  • Expand your Orgasmic State of Being


Please Note: Anatomical techniques will be demonstrated upon silicone model. 


Tantra for WOMEN: Awaken & Activate

Group Program
  • Program Duration: 5 weeks

    • Group Program: 2 hours/week OR Choose
    • Private Coaching: 1 hour/week (to be scheduled)


    Awaken & Activate Tantra is taught seperately to Women and Men

    Masterclass is a 3-7 day immersive retreat with women and men together


    Please Note: All the genital techniques will be demonstrated upon a silicone model.

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