Tantra Tribe Toronto Sangha* Social (TTTSS)

*Sangha:/ˈsäNG(ɡ)ə/Sanskrit meaning "community"


Love Exchange: $20pp


Tantra Tribe Toronto Sangha Social is created for Tantra enthusiasts that I have cultivated and nurtured from my coaching programs and regularly attended workshops and secret FB group. And for the summer months: June, July, and August I am inviting new people who are curious about Tantra.


At the sangha social you have the opportunity to expand your practice with fellow seekers and practitioners of Tantra. Meet diverse fellow Tantra lifestyle enthusiasts of various degrees and levels. Enjoy mingling and having lively Tantra conscious conversations.


The Sangha Social consists of socializing, some guided practices pending group enthusiasm. Followed by more social time as a supportive loving and compassionate sangha!


You may choose to observe or practice. Allowing yourself to weave Tantra teachings from your various learning's.


Open to solo beings of feminine or masculine polarities, couples, friends, all orientations, genders identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. Welcome and be Celebrated!

Here is a list of some of the guided practices you may experience:

- Intention

- Mindful Awareness

- Presence

- Relaxed Focus

- Meditation

- Movement

- Connection

- Sensual

- Playful

- Puja


After the guided Tantra practice(s) we will dedicate the merit (karmic energy) we created with our practice. Sending it out from our hearts to all beings for their benefit. To remove suffering, so that they too may know harmony, love and compassion.


REMINDER as there seems to be some confusion. The Tantra Tribe Toronto Sangha Social is for my previous program students and private coaching clients and members of the Tantra Tribe Toronto secret Facebook group.


What to bring?

Bring a yoga mat and your chosen cushion of comfort as we have a limited amount of yoga mats in the studio. Closed water bottle. Optional, something for the altar.

Temple Nourishment?

Optional invitation to bring a healthy food or beverage to share with your sangha. Food size suggestion is a small dinner plate full of your chosen sharing.


Temple Alter?

Bring your special something and place it on the temple alter area for the evening.


Love Exchange: $20pp


Tantra Tribe Toronto Sangha Social

    • June 06 from 7:30pm - 9:00pm
    • July 04 from 7:30pm - 9:00pm
    • August 01 from 7:30pm - 9:00pm


    PLEASE NOTE: There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on socials are FINAL.

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