An immersive Tantra pleasure journey.

Open to seekers of self-empowerment and enlightenment; solo beings of feminine or masculine form, couples, small groups,

all orientations, genders identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. Welcome and be Celebrated!


Tantra in Sanskrit (ancient Hindu language) means to weave sound, light and form together with presence, awareness, relaxation and focus. This includes various practices of meditation, movement, connection and pleasure. Welcome to a 3,000 + year old ancient form of worshiping, honouring and loving.


The practice of Tantra improves love, passion and intimacy and can enhance a relationship with yourself and your partner. 

  • For women: Tantra can empower and fulfill their needs for connection and intimacy.

  • For men: it can open up a whole new realm of acceptance, connection and intimacy.

  • For couples: an opportunity to create a meaningful, intimate and spiritual connection with each other.

Tantra, traditionally, is taught to individuals first before they are ready for partner practices. The Tantric principles of this yoga lifestyle and practice is all about practicing self-inquiry, self-awareness, self-healing, enlightenment, mindfulness, relaxed focus, and presence of your mind, heart, energy and body to a level of mastery within yourself first.


Tantra ramps up your mindful awareness with a relaxed focus. Tantra is about the pathway to healing through pleasure both in the non-sexual and sexual practices as it is taught from the Tibetan, Classical and Neo Tantra pathways.


It is also about becoming empowered and enlightened. To remove human suffering within. Bringing you to place of remembering your true essence, whatever that may be for each person. It is also about being in the moment and observing oneself to the degree of a deeper knowing and connection to the universal life force. Giving you insight as to how you relate to yourself with each experience and with each person in you life. Living life in a more techni-colour and surround sound.


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