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Art of Adventurous Collaboration

Set your terms of intimate adventurous engagement. How to approach, understand etiquette and protocol, define limits, identify parameters and set boundaries, etc. Mindfully aware and always within your boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with yourself first and then with others, reciprocally. Adventurous playful loving and fun!

BDSM & Tantra

Take a journey through the wild erotic and energetic side of Tantra and BDSM and learn where the spiritual paths are interwoven and connected.

Body Lix: The Sensual Art of Flogging

Body Lix in this case is an expression denoting the art of flogging and how to connect intimately. Learn skills, techniques and tips to wield this extension of yourself with sensual touch or a wicked wallop or a combination within a passionate dance of rhythm, resonance and connection. If you have floggers, please bring them.


Bondassage® Lovers Experience

Bondassage® Lovers Experience is a 2 hr solid workshop which is about expanding your bedroom repertoire and bringing a high level of intimacy and delight to those you touch. Designed for sensually adventurous individuals and couples. 


We provide a tantalizing 2 hours of sensual fun and creativity, designed to enrich your personal sexual play.  Learn how to access your inner Dominant and skillfully excite your partner into sublime surrender by creating safe and comfortable bondage scenarios.


Join us for a tantalizing introduction to Bondassage Lovers Experience.  We’ll introduce the skills and tools needed to create a unique Bondassage experience.  We’ll practice as a group and in partners, using a combination of massage techniques, breath/energy work and body percussion sensation play.


Learn and Explore:

Negotiated Surrender: Verbal and written boundary setting exercises

Dialoguing giving and receiving roles

Sensory Deprivation using blindfolds

Sensation Play using household pervertibles and typical kink toys

Massage Techniques on hands/arms for partnered and self-massage


Exercises will first be shown by demonstration, followed with partners and individuals.  Each participant’s personal safety, consent and comfort level will be addressed for each exercise. 


Participants may choose who they wish to partner with. Partnering is not necessary to participate in the exercises.


About Bondassage: the ultimate in kinky sensual massage. If you are into bondage, erotic massage or sensual domination, you will want to learn this new wave of erotic massage experience.


Note: We also offer the Bondassage® Lovers Experience 4hr Hands-On Intensive

REMINDER: Registration is REQUIRED!


Bottom’s Up: Back Door Pleasures

Want to expand your bedroom repertoire? Learn to have a collaborative conversation, set the stage, prepare your body, warm up and enjoy either giving or receiving back door pleasures safely. Consciously connect with yourself and or with your partner.


Brain Sex: Erotic Expression

What does your brain and sex have in common? Want to seduce and arouse? Do you want to enhance eroticism and deepen intimacy? Looking to spice up your bedroom repertoire?


It’s a well known fact that the brain is the largest sex organ; therefore it has the strongest capacity to make your complacent mediocre or just fine sex into PHENOMENAL S*X!  Get in the driver’s seat and seduce yourself and/or your lover by taking a cerebral drive into the country side feeling the wind in your hair or if you want to change gears go for an adrenaline rush speeding down a long winding road with tight turns.


Learn to articulate and express your erotic desires, passions and fantasies. Give yourself permission to discover, explore and experience new territory through creative and fun exercises of the brain that will be shared in written and verbal form.

Clarity on Protocol, Ritual, Worship & Service

Learn to be clear as to what you want in your D/w dynamics and adventurous play style. Identify how each context sounds, looks and feels for you?. Understand unconditional or conditional surrender. What is your adventurous code of conduct? Play within each construct to see what fits for you. Discover, Explore and Experience the adventurous terms of protocol, ritual, worship and service. Get it straight, figure it out. which one works for you in either the dominant or submissive role.

Communication & Connection

Delve into the basics; terms, language, know thyself, how to approach potential play partners, etiquette, limits, parameters, boundaries, and negotiation. Stay kinky, my friends.

Corporal Punishment

Its all about erotic tension and how to strum that instrument for your pleasure. What resonates for you? Spanking, paddling or caning? Join us to learn your choice of corporal punishment within your mood and style..

D/s Dynamics: What is Power Exchange?

Delving into the kinky/BDSM realm creates many questions. Relating to this topic they may be; What role am I comfortable in? How do I figure this out? How much power exchange do I partake or surrender? What are the elements of D/s dynamics? How do I engage in D/s dynamics? What does that look like? in us and learn the elements, the ways to better relate to what role resonates with you and how to go about playing with someone to bring that out in you.

Female Ejaculation: Fountain of the Goddess

Female ejaculation is also known as the fountain of the goddess. Join us and learn where its found. How it is created? Where does it pour forth from? What is the fountain of the goddess? How does one activate the secrets of female pleasures and arousal to engage in resounding release and a showering climax. This is shared through scientific theory and anatomy,  ancient wisdom, covering skills, techniques, and tips and video clip. Self-Inquiry, self-reflection, Q & A, reference materials, and optional suggested  “Homework/Home Play Work”.


Fire and Ice 

Firing up delicious parts of the body gives a different perspective to turning up the heat of passion within the kinky realm of sensations. The flip side, varying icy cold degrees and textures on a hot summer night or within your heated passion palace lends itself to a different body sense of exhilaration.


Join us to learn this advanced form of kinky play within the boundaries of safety, consent and comfort. Also, learn to put together your own fire batons. For those that want their own kit see below the Fire Play Kit, see the list below.



  • drop sheet (table cloth/leather/pleather)

  • 2 vessels

  • dish for resting batons

  • rubbing alcohol 70%

  • tea light candles/ short pillar candle

  • taper candles of the paraffin kind (white and colours)

  • small hand towel

  • face towel

  • body towel

  • large bowl/large bucket (for H20)

  • after care aloe vera gel with no alcohol in it

  • moisturizer for sensitive skin

  • small/large blanket


BATON Fire Instrument:

  •   two metal batons made of 100% cotton

  •   two metal rods/fondue lances or forceps

  •   100% cotton gauze roll OR100% cotton fibre (old towel in strips)

  •   butcher’s twine


Foot Worship Know How

Foot worship also known as foot fetish has many aspects that are expressed erotically and create a connection between the receiver and giver. Join us to learn techniques to soothe, open and bring out the sexiness of the feet before utilizing massage skills to relax and arouse.  Bring a friend to receive and 4-6 hand towels. We will supply oils, and other foot care items, and foot basin. REGISTRATION REQUIRED to accommodate everyone.


Genital Play for Everyone

The gift that can keep on giving and receiving in the right conditions and appropriate warm up time. Join us to learn the various approaches to adventurous playful loving for people who are penis and vulva owners.


Impact Play: Hands-On Head to Toe

Hands-On Impact Play with the use of the various parts of your body to create impactful impressions upon another body directly or indirectly. Take in the visuals, sounds and excitement. Learn the pleasure possibilities and creative sensations you can engage and play within. Your invited to a workshop of experiential learning and or observational enthusiasm.


Intimate Touch Techniques

Whether giving or receiving its important to note the various forms of touch and how to clearly state intention and connection with yourself and with your partner.

Magical Metamorphosis of Energy Exchange

Do you crave deep intimacy in your adventurous play? This workshop is for you. Join us to discover the language and explore the primordial levels of human desires. Experience the pleasure practices of connection, charged with sensuality, arousing desires that borders on magical metamorphosis. Expand your mindful awareness and always keep to your boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with yourself first and then with others. We will engage in exercises of negotiating terms of engagement through rope play and body lix (the art of flogging). If you have rope and floggers, please bring them with you..


Medical Role Play: Physical Exam

Role playing within the medical context is for some, a delightful erotic tension builder that makes for an enhanced experience of connection while fulfilling a seductive secret desire.


Join us for the closest we can get to an authentic yet kinky experience without being medical practitioners. Learn the elements, tools and skills to create this type of play with live demo on both male and female bodies.


Negotiation by Design

Delve into and practice adventurous negotiation by design. Identify and relay your limits, parameters, boundaries, delights, passions, desires, and pleasures. Express your erotic side with confidence.


Pain & Pleasure Balance

Feel what its like to enjoy a power exchange through the visceral balance of pain and pleasure implements. Delight in the creation of your chosen erotic time and space.


Pervertibles All Around

Kinky play binds us from childhood. What has changed as an adult? Re-engage or engage the creative side of the brain. Stimulate inspirational thought to action. What are these things we have come to know or will know as “pervertibles” and where do you find them?


Join us and learn to creatively flirt, entice and seduce with these said items that are found within easy reach.


Play Monitor Training

Play/Dungeon monitor training with scenario practice and full kit display. Get to know the safety aspects and familiarize yourself with safety protocol breach scenarios, how to work as a team, be in stealth mode, identify body language and be able to have a non-verbal conversation while in a most amazing community volunteer role.

Predicament Bondage Scenarios

Join us for a night of creative bondage scenarios. Bring things you would like to incorporate and your creative thoughts, fantasies, and enthusiasm!


Psychological Edge Play & Pitfalls

Looking to challenge yourself by adding psychological edge play in your kinky repertoire? Join us to better understand the practice of intelligence gathering, trigger responses and what to do, and self-care dialogue with the intention of what would best serve all play-mates/partners involved.


Seduction by Voice

Arouse with the use of your voice. Consenting seduction by voice is a skill that can be learned, played and mastered, given the appropriate time, energy and intention. Join us and learn, create, practice and play all out with your voice.

Self Pleasure Potential and Possibilities

The adventurous self pleasure potential and possibilities playshop is about the diverse ways you and or your play partner(s) can initiate your arousal state, expand your pleasure plateaus and learn to indulge in climatic release without losing your energy.  Learn to stay present for longer duration, heal and release stagnant energy while boosting your immune system.


Sensual Surrender

To let go and be held within a time and space that brings forth your sensual self and connects you to your primal desires.

Spanking & Hair Pulling… the right way

Join us to discover and explore the erogenous zones of spanking and hair pulling. Whether your the giver or receiver. The sensations of sensual and erotic connection that invites an embodied state of bliss. Delight and be open to the diverse possibilities of how this can enrich any adventurous play.


Tactical Tactile Titillation: Pervertibles/Body

Different “strokes” for different folks, she says with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Let’s begin to discover the possibilities of sensation play with the tools you never leave home without… your entire body.


Further, explore the erotic sensations of the body as you continue to practice and play with the diverse possibilities of sensation play with items known as “pervertibles”.


Triggers of the Mind, Heart & Body

Its a delicate subject and one of great importance that deserves its own spot light. Triggers come in all shapes and sizes, may they be trauma of varying degrees.


Join us to better understand the practice of intelligence gathering of trigger responses and what to do, along with PRO-active dialogue of with the intention of what would best serve all play-mates/partners involved. Connecting with yourself to better connect with others a practice to be shared.


Tie Me Up Tie Me Down: Sensual Rope Bondage

Join us for some beginner to intermediate rope ties. As well as learning about the your intention and the texture of rope which can evoke a variety of sensations from a warm embrace, a comforting meditation, a strict discipline, or a ritual of belonging, etc. Practice and share rope play.


Please Note: Bring your own rope or you can practice/play with ours.


Villains, Victims and Vixens: Role Play

When you were young you played cowboys and Indians or nurse and doctor or battleship with great excitement. Challenging your physical and emotional boundaries can be HOT. Join us to unlock your hidden villain, victim and or vixen desires.

Learn the pieces of the role play puzzle to give you comfort in a defined role, understanding props, skills requirements, interactive verbal and non-verbal ques and much more.



Violet Wand Sensation Play


Static electricity is more than just something to watch at the Science Centre. In the kinky realm, its another sensation that is combined with arousal states to create a charged erotic exchange.


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